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‘Door-to-Door’ storage

Furniture Storage

There are many reasons people put their personal possessions into storage:

• Seasonal Storage • Moving house • Student storage • Decluttering • Travelling • Life event storage •

Good reasons to store

• During a house move, if there is a gap between selling and moving into your new home

• To store excess furniture after downsizing until you decide what to do with it in the longer term

• To keep furniture safe and out of the way whilst decorating, deep-cleaning carpets or renovating your home

• To minimise clutter and make your house appear more spacious whilst trying to sell your home

Long Term Storage

• To store items of furniture that do not fit into your current home but that you want to keep because they have sentimental or monetary value

• If your house needs to be rented out (if you need to work abroad, for example) – you may wish to keep your furniture in storage to keep it clean and safe for when you return.


Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of disorder in your home, then there’s nothing else for it – you need to declutter. It can be stressful and difficult trying to get rid of your possessions, so why not consider storing it until you decide that you do or you don’t need it anymore ?

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