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Document Storage and Clearance Services

Recently, one of our clients got in touch because they needed to repurpose the offices that had been used to hold all of their historic documents and archived files and they needed help clearing all their old folders and documents to a new, secure location. The challenge Moving such a large amount of files/folders to…

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What Information Should Be Archived?

Archiving information is an important practice for preserving data and records for future reference, compliance, historical context, and more. The specific information that should be archived can vary widely depending on the organisation, industry, and legal requirements. However, here are some common types of information that are typically considered for archiving: 1. Legal and Regulatory…

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Why Archiving Is So Important

Why Archiving Is So Important Four reasons why archiving is so important for businesses and individuals. 1. Regulatory Requirements These days, data protection is something most businesses are keenly aware of. In light of important recent updates to the Data Protection Act (GDPR, anyone?), businesses are now under increasing pressure to properly and securely manage…