LSR’s Absolute Scanning solutions offer digital and scanning services which can convert bulky paper documents into a convenient, space-saving electronic archive.

Our document-management software lets you retrieve files in seconds.

An electronic archive system brings you and your business many benefits.

Document scanning is cost efficient, it takes up very little space, and it makes organising and retrieving files quick and easy.

Absolute Scanning Solutions is a division of LSR & provides a digital service for a range of public- and private-sector organisations. We quickly convert your paper documents into high-quality digital files. You can then locate and retrieve your files in seconds, without even leaving your desk.

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How our Absolute Scanning Solution works

1. We collect your documents

We collect your documents, in their existing format, from your site and transport them to our secure warehouse to be converted into digital files. If you need a file urgently at this point, we’ll locate it, scan and email it to you, or arrange to return the hard copy.

2. We'll scan the documents

Once the documents have been scanned, digital files are returned via a password-protected disk or hard drive or securely hosted online, meaning you can access the information at any time, from anywhere in the world.

3. We'll destroy or store the documents

If required, we will safely destroy the original documents and issue a certificate of destruction. Alternatively, we will keep the original paper documents in our secure archive.

We can collect and scan from anywhere in the UK, but our main areas we cover are Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and surrounding areas and London.

No job is too large or small, simple or complex. Whether you need archived documents to be scanned in bulk, or same-day scanning of new documents as part of your workflow, our experienced staff will work with you to meet your requirements and budget.

Our document management software gives added functionality. Optical character recognition (OCR) can extract data from paper records automatically. We can also classify and index individual documents to create an inventory of your archived records. Indexing those files into standard fields means you’ll find it quicker and easier to find and retrieve documents when you need them.

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